Common Ux Design Mistakes That You Need To Avoid In Your App

You have to check that the “symbol” or the icon conveys exactly the same meaning you wish to convey to the readers. Reading this article, you got acquainted with the most common UX mistakes and learned some tips on eliminating them. User experience needs constant attention and continuous improvement. Always take into account the interests of your target audience and design the website to make it as convenient for consumers as possible.

Validation is when the accuracy of the corresponding fields is checked. A too complex or strange validation is the most common UX mistake. For example, if you keep a small forum about microelectronics, it’s quite strange to ask consumers for a complex password with 12 symbols and different registers. There is a chance that consumers want to comment on something or get a reply. They won’t make up a password to fit some special requirements.

Common UX mistakes to avoid

It is also worth noting that such a UI/UX approach may be justified for solutions related to medicine or finances. Despite a comprehensive discussion of the issue and a comfortably submitted solution, an enormous article can scare the user and become a UX mistake. Do not forget that users often do not read the entire article searching for the necessary information but rather quickly scan the text for their needs.

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However, based on our experience and available data, we can state that some website owners still haven’t taken care of their mobile users. Therefore, remember that the UI design should be adapted for mobile devices and the UX. The thing is that the behavioral patterns of users on mobile devices will significantly differ.

  • And on some occasions, the marketing team or company will forget to replace the filler text with actual text.
  • An excessive number of questions can make shoppers close the form before filling it.
  • Deciding the heading and the subheadings using adequate spacing and kerning is also important.
  • It has become critically important to focus on UX that can easily translate into a seamless, meaningful experience.
  • The quality of design & its effectiveness has evolved over the years.
  • However, if you learn about them in advance, you can definitely save yourself from the mud.

So, set the rule of avoiding passive language, and stick with active where possible. Anadea is a custom software development company with 20+ years of experience, portfolio of over 400 projects and team of 150+ technology professionals. Hence, while you incorporate clickable elements, make sure that they are compatible with all types’ mobile screens. You can plan to make the tap target a minimum of pixels wide and consider an adult finger index of 1.6 to 2 cm. You should not freak out when it comes to writing & rewriting the page’s content because it looks unaligned. It would help if you refrained from adding your content creativity at the cost of text alignment.

Not Considering Empathizing With The Users:

Just like we mentioned above, do not get carried away with the flow. You might have a soft corner about how Uber works, but you need to check if the trend they follow will help you in enhancing the experience. Providing contact information, registration, authorization…the list of possible usages is far from exhaustive. Yet even with such a simple element as forms, you can make a whole series of UX mistakes.

Common UX mistakes to avoid

Therefore, you need to brainstorm the content ideas and also plan out to organize the same. Once you develop a prototype or an MVP, you are achieving the first milestone of app development. But the next milestone will be achieved once you start collecting users’ feedback and work upon it. Mobile app development consists of a series of steps that need to be executed religiously. This series of steps should be in tandem with each other throughout the app development cycle. Which further means, if you are considering UX aspects at the beginning of the development, it should be done throughout the cycle.

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You should have a good understanding of the form’s purpose and know the optimum number of questions. Despite good technical solutions, buyers still didn’t register and purchase on the website because of its poor UX design. The thing is that for registration, they needed to fill out a terribly long form with several pages. The primary function of filters is to improve the usability of the site. Unfortunately, UX mistakes with filters are among the most common.

Remember, your end goal is to stand out in the market, and not just to compete with strong heads. This idea will differentiate your application from the others & save it from being uninstalled. According to the US research, buying a product 85% of purchasers choose something because of its color. So you need to note that a proper selection of a color palette is an important UX/UI factor. The visitor wants to get specific information or get acquainted with the service’s details. If the navigation on the site is not configured in the best way, this can become a UX mistakes, which in the future does not promise iridescent consequences.

Common UX mistakes to avoid

Not only it’s ethically wrong, the users are not looking for just another clone. User Interface is often used to cover the broader aspects of the app’s experience. You might have someone who would advise you to include pop-ups to increase conversions!

So Here Is Our Checklist Or Let Us Say, donts Of Things You Should Avoid While Designing Ux For Mobile Applications

If we were to put it simply, then there are many UX mistakes & mobile application-design mistakes that you will probably make. However, if you learn about them in advance, you can definitely save yourself from the mud. Your UX should generate trust amongst the users and push them to use it more frequently.

Now think of creating design elements that are relevant to the user demand. In your case, particular attention needs to be given to ensure there are no UX pitfalls. As an app developer, you cannot compromise on the User Experience Common UX mistakes to avoid for a telemedicine app. The app will be used by distressed patients in a time of emergency to connect with doctors for medical assistance. You should not fill the users’ screen with pop-ups, pop-ups, and only pop-ups.

As stated at the beginning of this blog post, people make mistakes. Mistakes happen, but don’t let failing to proofread your content be one of them. How long would you prefer to wait for an application to be loaded on your mobile device? Well, you have a very short window of time to impress users with the UX. Hence, it would be best if you made sure that the images, videos, and graphics are optimized for a seamless mobile experience. Remove any unnecessary element on the app and optimize it for better functioning.

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This can be fatal UX flaw for an app, which is why today, I’m going to share the most important writing mistakes you should make a point to avoid. When healthcare is involved, there’s no room for designing mistakes. If you fail to avoid the common UX pitfalls, your mobile app will fail to get the much needed public attention. It also leaves a negative impression on potential clients because your app is not downloaded enough times or has negative reviews online.


Just like the push notifications, you have to optimize the number of pop-ups you will have on your application. More than often, we describe in our blogs the reason why people love using applications like LinkedIn, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, and more. The interface and the simplicity of these apps look more convincing over any other. It might seem that in 2018 nobody would be surprised by the fact that a mobile or responsive version of a website is a must.

It makes everything feel far more real, which will provide you with so much more insight into the quality of whatever it is you’re promoting. In addition to taking inspiration, you can also check competitors’ apps to identify problems and launch your app with its solutions for improved functionality. To capture the market, you need to be more unique than your competitors. While it’s okay to take some inspiration and ideas from your competitors, adapting too much from their app should be avoided.

Accordingly, I recommend analyzing the site and looking for UX mistakes. Based on this analysis, you can build the correct hypotheses of user behavior on the site’s pages. Lauren Groff is a freelance writer at Essay Help and Big Assignments. On the other hand, UX is the tool that helps improve the personal experience for the end user while he or she is using the app. Chart out the content plan and decide what needs to be comprehensively described and which part plays a prominent role in the entire page.

Creative UI is one part of the app development process; the other part is UX. Do not combine both the tasks and focus only on the creativity of the design. You need to check the application’s usability using the data, metrics, and feedback available to you.

The location of the content on the site can play a nasty joke on you, becoming a UX error. The essence of this problem is that the posted content is difficult to access, and the average user cannot quickly find the information they need. As a result, the user who visited the site will not receive the information he needs, and their desire to cooperate with the site will drop to zero.

This exercise will help you in designing a UX with a purpose without compromising over the intuitiveness. You can also hire a UX/UI designer who would guide you with the process. Today, every mobile app development company is obliged to deliver an app complying with the industry standards & providing a high-quality experience. The reason behind this immense popularity is that the app-focused industry is laying the grounds and making people feel more connected.

It is a cohesive process, and overlooking UX or committing common UI/UX mistakes at the later stages might divert you from the product’s end goal. A great UX design has the potential to engage users & build reliable products, but a lousy UX design might just slip users’ minds and jeopardize your project goal. It has become critically important to focus on UX that can easily translate into a seamless, meaningful experience.

The position of the components in the app does not only have an impact on its performance but also on the UX. Being the app designer, your first approach should be to step into the user’s shoe. In this case, it’s a patient or a relative of a patient looking for some straightforward medical assistance.

You have to observe, research, and then implement the customization of your mobile application. You might become successful in developing an aesthetically pleasing application, but make sure to connect with the users at the right chord. Empathizing with the users helps you in delivering the product exactly how your users would have dreamt. The three-click rule is a fairly popular belief that every user must make no more than three clicks to get to any page of a website. We want to clarify right away that this rule can be sacrificed on some portals or special resources. Though in other cases, the offense of this approach is a UX design mistake.

One of the most popular and, at the same time, weak functions of a site is searching its pages. Developers often use microsites linked to the leading site to provide maximum comfort to users looking for specific content. However, the UX error in the top place is that the ability of the client to comfortably return to the main area has no rules. Sure, saying words like ‘incorrect password’ doesn’t really give you room to be super creative unless you’re able to think outside the box. Or if you’ve hired a designer, that’s what they should be doing. Of course the first one, the active sentence, is far more effective at drawing you in and connecting with you than the passive sentence.

This new trend in the industry is expected to make 581.9 billion US dollars by the end of this year. As similar as they may sound, both user experience and user interface are a different concept. UI is the screen or the page of the app that users view to establish a connection with the mobile device. Of course, we’re only human beings, and we’re bound to make writing mistakes here and there. But when it comes to user experience , your mistakes could be costing you an otherwise fantastic marketing initiative.

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